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                    Our Vision
                    Be the first brand of China's abrasive industry chain.

                    Our Shared mission
                    Bring benefits to our employees and customers to build a harmonious home of Shengsen.

                    Our Spirit
                    Dare to fight Those who fought more win more

                    Our Core Value
                    Filial Piety Quality Study Innovation Integrity Win-win

                    Our Outlook on Life
                    Benefit others first Good behavior brings good job Good conscience makes good man
                    Good conscience means Heaven’s will Heaven’s will can not be defied Or the Heaven will punish us

                    Our Outlook on Labor
                    Labor creates wealth Labor stimulates wisdom
                    Labor cultivates our body and spirits Labor means the greatest honor

                    Our Outlook on Operation
                    To win together with all dealers
                    (If I win profit but customers win none, they will not be my customers any more; if I win more while customers win less, then they will not follow me long; if we win benefit equally together, our cooperation will endure).